1. Make sure that the air pressure is not lower than the specified value when heat powered stove fan is turned on, otherwise the material door will lose control. When igniting and observing the flame, do not face the observation mirror to avoid the flame spraying out and burn yourself. When the first ignition is unburnt, the material door switch should be turned off during the second ignition to prevent gas explosion caused by too much charge. The material door can be opened again after the second ignition.

2. Do not drop large objects into the hopper, otherwise the spiral will be damaged. Regularly observe whether there are particles in the hopper, and add particles in time to avoid affecting the normal temperature rise.

3. Do not change the various time settings and the parameters of the inverter and thermostat in the control box at will, so as not to affect the normal control.

4. Do not turn off the power directly when the machine is stopped. Press the delayed stop button to close the material door switch. And it should be confirmed that the material door latch is indeed closed before the personnel can leave. To prevent back-burning of pellets, overheating of the furnace chamber, coking of the furnace bridge, and damage to the spiral deformation. (If the closing function of the material door is damaged due to equipment failure, it needs to be repaired in time, and all the material in the hopper must be removed after the machine stops before repairing).

5. If heat powered stove fan suddenly loses power, remember to remove all the materials in the hopper to prevent backfire caused by the backfire of the hopper.

6. After the delayed shutdown once a week and there is no flame in the furnace, open the control valve of the induced draft fan to the maximum, and automatically remove the dust from the pipeline in the furnace. The control valve needs to be restored after dust removal.

Heat Powered Stove Fan